Edit James was seen going to Hogwarts on 1 September , with his brother Albus , who was just starting his first year. James, being the oldest child, had already been attending Hogwarts, he started Hogwarts in September Contemporaries at school include his cousins Victoire and Rose , as well as Draco Malfoy ‘s son Scorpius , though they are in different years. When his family was gathered to see him and his brother off at King’s Cross Station on 1 September, , James interrupted his cousin Victoire snogging Teddy Lupin , and then ran off to tell his family and other relatives. He was disappointed when they did not react strongly. In , James also stole the Marauder’s Map from his father’s desk drawer. By the Epilogue, James was 13 years old, meaning, he was in his third year of Hogwarts.

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With the assistance of Mr. The Indians believe that she was captured by the Lost Boys , and so do not come for her. Captain Hook places the bound Tiger Lily on a rock sticking out of the sea.

James, along with his siblings and cousins, had just landed uncomfortably in a grimy hallway that looked strangely like Grimmauld Place he thought. Though obviously the one he knew was much cleaner and smelt much better too.

When she was 8 or 9 years old, Lily met an odd, intense neighborhood boy named Severus Snape. It was through Severus that Lily discovered that she was a witch DH33 , a fact which allowed her to attend Hogwarts and made her parents very proud PS4 , though Petunia was quite jealous. For his part, by the end of their fifth year James was very taken with Lily.

Dumbledore believed that though Harry looked very much like James, his deepest nature was one he had inherited from Lily, along with the color of his eyes DH Lily and James probably married during the summer or fall of Lily did not see her sister Petunia after leaving Hogwarts, although some minimal contact appears to have existed between the sisters PS1. A prophecy made in the fall of by Sybill Trelawney changed everything when it was partially overheard by Severus Snape and reported to Voldemort.

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That’s a horrible thing to say. A special school for freaks. She had an older sister named Petunia , and the family lived in Cokeworth , [10] England.

James “Jimmy” Kent started working at Downton Abbey in as a footman. He was later promoted to first footman by Robert Crawley. Jimmy is ambitious and confident, being in Mr Carson’s words, “sure of himself.” His ambition leads him to be easily influenced by others, as he is manipulated by.

Scorpius and Rose first noticed each other on the platform at King’s Cross Station. Rose’s father, Ron, had pointed the blonde boy out to her saying that she better beat him in every class. Rose did not trust Scorpius “friendship” with Albus. Some would even say that Rose began to feel threated by the close bond forming between Al and Scorpius. Rose hoped that Scorpius would show his true colors and Albus would end the pairs friendship.

Albus would often drag the group to J. Pippins Potions shop much to the displeasure of the other particpitants. Scorpius and Rose some how always ended up being the only two that stayed with Albus during his shopping trip as the otehrs would make up an excuse to leave. Rose and Scorpius would walk around the shop together while trying to keep up with Albus. Scorpius and Rose share their “first date” accidently during a Hogsmead trip in sixth year when Albus ditches the pair at the Three Broomsticks for a date with the new Foriegn exchange student Skylar Westen.

Scorpius and Rose order as they wait for Albus and began making small talk. At the end of the unexpected date Scorpius tells Rose that she should do this again some time. Rose responds ” What Order Food, okay”.

Scorpius and Rose

By Cindy Davis Celebrity June 1, Agent Carter and Captain America actress Hayley Atwell has already stolen our hearts and minds a thousand times over, but have you ever wondered which of her costars Atwell might fancy or at least, prefer working with? Despite realizing how much trouble she might be inviting, during a Wizard World appearance at St.

We have a lot of fun on the set, and do lots of pranks…But when I worked with Chris, it was Captain America:

Hijacking, one shot – James and Lily start hijacking one another’s rounds in order to sneak off to entirely inappropriate Hogwarts locales. Hot and Cold, one shot – No .

He is a half-blood wizard and the middle of three children, born at least a year after his older brother, James Sirius Potter , and two years before his younger sister Lily Luna Potter. He was named in honour of Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape. Before boarding the Hogwarts Express, Albus confided to his parents that he feared he might be sorted into Slytherin.

In response, his father told him that the bravest man he ever knew — Severus Snape, whom Albus was named after — had been a Slytherin. Harry also assured his son that if he was sorted into Slytherin, that the house would have gained a great student and that he and Ginny would think no less of him for it. At this, Albus’ face was described as being in ‘wonder. Physical Appearance Albus takes after his father in appearance, meaning that he has untidy jet black hair, and has bright green, almond-shaped eyes.

He was the only one of Harry’s three children to have inherited his paternal grandmother’s eye shape and color.

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Severus has been waiting years to find his mate, and he’s not altogether happy when he eventually finds him. Harry isn’t impressed either, all he wanted was a simple last year at Hogwarts. Harry Potter – Rated:

Jesse St. James is a recurring character on Glee. He was a senior at Carmel High School in Akron, Ohio, the male lead of Vocal Adrenaline and one of the main antagonists in Season One. He was instructed to befriend Rachel by Vocal Adrenaline coach Shelby Corcoran, who is secretly Rachel’s biological mother.

I know it’s hard to remember! Well, Harry married Ginny and they had three kids: Albus Severus Potter- black hair and green eye’s like Lily and Harry’s. Named after Snape and Dumbledore. James Sirius Potter- untidy hair and is a prankster. Born in and was named after James Potter and Sirius Black. Lily Luna Potter- a young redhead girl who plays with her cousin Hugo Weasley.

Named after Lily Potter and Luna Lovegood. Fred Weasley married Angelina Johnson and they had two kids, sometimes shown as twins:

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They are the property of J. Rowling, Warner Brothers, and others, and are used without permission; challenge to copyright is not intended and should not be construed. Fanfiction Recommendations I write, and have a great preference to read, erotica. Many of the following HP fanfiction recommendations are stories that I’d classify as erotica, though not all, by any means.

It’s not enough for them just to get an NC rating!

Do you know the story where Sirius is dating the ‘mean girl’ and sets James up with her friend to make Lily jealous? jily fanfiction jily lily evans james potter lily potter hp hp fanfiction harry potter harry potter fanfiction sirius black scott pilgrim scott pilgram vs the (Harry and Draco just fucking tackle each other and start.

Get celebs updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email She’s penned a tell-all book about her celebrity antics. The incident is said to have happened on board a flight to Japan, where they were both performing at the Fuji Rock Festival in July The singer also suggests that they had another tryst in the Asian country – then lied about it to cover their tracks.

Read More Lily Allen has revealed all in her new book Image: In it, she writes: Then we were in a lie-down bed together. That was partly why I fancied him.

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A Lily and James fanfiction. She simply couldn’t take it right now. Lily looked still further away and snapped, “don’t! The illusion that she was somewhere within the lines of okay was kept up until James tentatively wrapped his arms around her. I haven’t told anybody. Do you really think that I want people to know that the Ministry isn’t even trying to find out who killed my parents?

You’re as subtle as James flirting with Lily.” “Now get your lives together and start dating.” And so they did, bc Peter doesn’t stand up like that often.

It’s like my whole life is darkness and When you’re around, things are brighter. Contents History Before First Curse At some point in the Enchanted Forest , a dragon named Maleficent mates with a male dragon and becomes pregnant from the union. She later stakes her claim on a cave and lays an egg that harbors her unborn child.

Burning all of the surrounding lands as her territory, this sends all the inhabitants fleeing, as she places her allies Ursula and Cruella De Vil outside the cave as guards. Sometime during this period, Snow White and Prince Charming seek to keep their own unborn child from becoming evil by infusing another vessel, namely Maleficent’s child, with darkness. The couple, perceiving the child of a villain would likely be just as bad as her mother, agree to steal the egg so the Apprentice can cast the spell.

While still in dragon form, Maleficent is startled awake by the couple’s thievery, and after reverting to human form, she pleads for Snow White’s mercy. Snow White promises to return the egg once everything is settled, and as she runs off, a devastated Maleficent makes a failed attempt to stop her by throwing a blast at the cave entrance.

When presented with the egg, the Apprentice casts a spell to plant darkness in it, and since such darkness will be a danger to this world, he sends it to another world. As a portal opens, the horrified couple looks on as the egg hatches, revealing the child’s hand, as the infant lets out a cry. Realizing they have made a grave mistake, Snow White and Prince Charming try to save the child, but they are blocked by Cruella and Ursula, who are trying to save the child from the couple.

Cruella and Ursula are then accidentally sucked into the portal along with the baby.

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Edit Jimmy’s father died in the Great War, and his mother from Spanish flu. All he has left, he tells Thomas Barrow , are “cousins. Jimmy previously worked as footman to the Dowager Lady Anstruther. She wanted him to move with her to France , but he did not want to go, saying to Mr Carson he did not think he would fancy the food. Jimmy has a “natural air of confidence and grace” that Alfred does not have, and “takes the role of first footman, as a natural right, a bone of contention.

She then went outside to see her friends Lily Evans, Alice Fortescue, and a friend she met the second day of first year. Her name is Lavender Rose. Yes that’s actually her name.

Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for. So, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane, shall we? Pippa was first spotted out and about with the London financier back in late , when the pair went out on a dinner date at trendy Hakkasan restaurant. A purported eyewitness told the U. They stayed for nearly three hours and didn’t seem to want the meal to end.

Without going into specifics, Pippa’s relationship with Matthews ended shortly after their rendezvous, and the brunette beauty began dating Nico Jackson around February of That relationship ended up lasting roughly three years. Pippa and Nico call it quits, and in the same month of her breakup, Middleton popped up at one very curious location—Matthews’ house.

News also learned that a month before Middleton called it quits with Jackson, she set eyes on Matthews once again. News at the time. Fast forward, and we learn that Pippa had decided it was worth seeing if there’s still something there with Matthews following her Jackson split.

Jesse St. James

Edit James’ coven consisted of James , Victoria , and Laurent. It was first formed when James and Victoria became mates, and then joined by Laurent, because James wanted the company of a few other vampires in order to use their help in his ongoing tracking adventures. They found a few accomplices before Laurent joined them.

In time, she calms down and plans to return home for the summer, as she and Robbie start dating again. When Lily is getting married, Charles plans on walking her down the aisle, much to the dismay of Annie, Pete (James Keane) is Johnny’s uncle and the owner of Pete’s Pizza.

Bad Reputation Jesse first appears in the scene where the others are watching Sue’s own version of Physical. He urges them to post it online when Finn suggests it, saying, “You guys need to stop being such asses and start being badasses. He claims that the song Ice Ice Baby “should be arrested for the crime of sucking.

Jesse says that being triple-cast with two other guys opposite your girlfriend is humiliating. Hurt by Rachel’s actions, Jesse leaves the choir room Later, Jesse attempts to talk with Rachel about what happened. She explains to him that she has a “pathological need to be popular,” saying that a fellow star should understand. Jesse agrees, saying that if that’s all they were, two stars, he would understand.

But he isn’t just another star; he is her boyfriend, and he should be enough for her.

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