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Oral tradition holds that the Samoan archipelago was created by the god Tagaloa at the beginning of history. The distinction was necessitated by the partitioning of the archipelago in All Samoans adhere to a set of core social values and practices known as fa’a Samoa and speak the Samoan language. The official name today is Samoa. Samoa includes nine inhabited islands on top of a submarine mountain range. The largest islands are Savai’i at square miles square kilometers and Upolu at square miles square kilometers , on which the capital, Apia, is located. The capital and port developed around Apia Bay from an aggregation of thirteen villages.

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Neilson and Riley M. Deseret Book, , — The Navigator, or Samoan, Islands: September —October As a rule, the [Samoan] natives are kind and hospitable to the elders as they travel among them. When visiting in the outlying villages, they are always invited in and treated to food and lodging, the best the people have, free of charge. When at their regular stations, the elders make their home in the respective meetinghouses, which are generally partitioned off into two rooms, the smaller of which is occupied by the elders as a private apartment and the larger one reserved for meeting purposes.

When at their stations, the natives always bring them the necessary food, which generally consists of taro, breadfruit, bananas, yams, fish, oranges, and other kinds of fruits.

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Te Ariki-Tara-are, high priest of Rarotonga; trans. The uncle also adopted Tutapu, the son of his other sister Maonga. Pou-vananga-roa appointed Maono, his eldest son, to be ariki, or head chief, of Tahiti; Tutapu was made an ariki of Iva Hiva, or the Marquesas ; Tangiia was made a tavana, or minor chief, of Tahiti. Tangiia was unhappy with his appointment, so he seized the insignia of the ariki at the marae of Avarua and drove Maono away to the mountains.

When Tutapu bathed in this stream, Tangiia attacked him. The two cousins also fought over rights to two sea creatures, the raratea white-finned shark and the onu turtle. Tutapu insisted that when a shark was killed the head belonged to him, while the tail was for Tangiia. Tangiia arrived in the district of Utaki, where a koutu sacred meeting place named Rangi-manuka is located. He looked for the two sisters and found them beating bark cloth. He composed a love song to them [and slept with them] before returning to Tahiti.

In Tahiti, Rakanui, his sister, asked him if he had taken the kuru breadfruit tribute , not knowing that Tutapu had taken it to Iva. An ill-feeling arose between Tangiia and Maa. Rakanui took a canoe name Kai-oi and departed with Maa for the island of Huahine. But Tutapu was not satisfied and a war broke out.

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The Polynesian Tattoo Handbook The origins of Polynesian society There is still debate over the definitive origins of Polynesian culture and that transfers also, to the notion of tattooing. All of these tribes are genetically linked to the indigenous peoples from parts of Southeast Asia. The people who inhabit the islands of Polynesia are termed Polynesians and they share many similar traits including language, culture and beliefs.

The Polynesian Triangle However, Polynesian languages may actually vary slightly from each other, and in some cases they actually differ quite significantly.

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Its geography, political status, history, culture and economy are vastly different from those of the typical community in the continental United States. Its history of fishing spans over three millennia and is shaped by traditional Samoan values that exert a strong influence on when and why people fish, how they distribute their catch, and the meaning of fish within the society. The subsistence and small-scale commercial coral reef fishery and crustacean fishery employ various gear types including hook and line, spear gun and gillnets.

Since commercial reef fish catches are estimated to be below 20, pounds annually. An estimated 1, lbs of spiny lobsters are sold each year, without taking into account subsistence and recreational catches. Precious corals are found in American Samoa waters but are not currently harvested.

Brandon Hook. Web and Multimedia Associate. Contact Brandon Hook “The poet is not a man who asks me to look at him; he is a man who says ‘look at that’ and points.” I grew up with the.

Then proclamation was made that they should go up to the Ninth Heavens, and then visit below the children of Night and Day in the First Heavens. All the stars also were their offspring, but we do not have the names of all the stars the stars had each it own name , for they are forgotten now, because they dropped out of use. And surely the last injunction of Tangaloa, the creator, to Night and Day was that they should produce the Eye-of-the-Sky.

That was the reason Tangaloa, the messenger, went down to ask Night and Day in the First Heavens [if they had any children]. Then said Tangaloa, the messenger, ‘It is good; come now; go up into the Ninth Heavens, you four; all are about to gather together there to form a Council; go up you two also. Then various decrees were made in the Ninth Heavens; the children of Ilu and Mamoa were appointed all of them to be builders, and to come down from the Eighth Heavens to this [earth] below; perhaps they were ten thousand in all that were appointed to be builders; they had one name all were [called] Tangaloa.

Then said Tangaloa, the creator, to Night and Day: Then Tangaloa, the creator, said to Night and Day: Then he returned [on high].

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Contact Us Nafanua, The Guardian Ta Fesilafa’i — This was her first and primary weapon and she used it most of the time during the battle. NPS The legend of Nafanua, the guardian and goddess of war in Samoa Nafanua is a titled woman known throughout Samoa as a goddess of war. She was bestowed the title because she was highly respected by her family and village council and very dependable.

As a goddess of war, it was her responsibility to protect her family and save her village from enemies. Her village was located on the western side of the island of Savai’i’i. During Nafuana’s time, there was a war between the eastern and western sides of Savai’i’i as each side was competing for the land and title of the entire island. In the Samoan culture, land is very important because there are more people than inhabitable land.

A family is more prestigious if they own a lot of land; and the family members especially males receive greater titles. Because of this tradition, Lilomai’ava, the High Chief from the eastern side of Sava’i’i, tried to conquer the whole island. During this war, if High Chief Lilomai’ava caught anyone from the east side on the west side, he would force the person to climb a coconut tree feet first, with head down as a punishment.

He did this to show his power to the whole island that he planned to conquer. One of the villagers that high chief Lilomaiava caught was Ta’ii the uncle of Nafanua , and the older brother of Saveasi’uleo.

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